A soulful missive
kindles my eyes:
‘Induce, animate and surprise..’

On a high rack
those words are hiding.
Are they worth to track ?

Like all fishes strive,
locked in catches
They don’t lose their drive.

Consider pitfalls distracting
as a stimulus
To a fine way of acting.

Life can be an art
for the playful heart,
Reviving the innate joy.

The spiritual votive
is a noble motive
To ignite a sparkle.

A true explosive
shatters the guff
Enchanting the loathing to fluff.

Well, solid freshness,
courage not heeling
Composes grand feeling.

One overtone fair,
give ear to these chords:
‘Let your style flare..’

Listen to a voice
swaying softly in the breeze:
‘Grant yourself an awesome choice..’

Harald Slaatrem